Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Perfect Day

I've had a pretty perfect day.

I woke up on my own without the sound of two arguing children over who gets to snuggle on which side of me (one was still sleeping - one watching TV)

I went to Bible study. This week's thought: Don't equate Jesus' love for you with your circumstances.

I ate absolutely within my guidelines with no extra snacking

I did not feel the urge to yell at my children. (They still got in trouble for stuff, but I was able to be calm. This often equates to my eating and sugar intake I believe.

I worked out with Body Pump at the Fitness Center. There was a sub and it was Therese! Therese was the very first instructor I had of Body Flow and I just love her. I don't know why, we haven't had a lot of conversations and I haven't had a class of hers in ages but she remembers me. I think it was the way she was very encouraging to me especially since I am very overweight trying to do yoga positions that even thin people have trouble doing sometimes! Anyway, it just made my night. I think I even worked a little harder than usual!

The only down knee still hurts...I think it might be time for a visit to the ortho again. NOT the last one I went to who told me I shouldn't pick up my children, I should have gastric bypass and I should sell my just purchased house to buy a ranch. I won't be going back to him. EVER.


  1. Wow, congrats on a great day! And just my two cents, I wouldn't go to that ortho either--sounds like a loony! :D

  2. at the doctor.
    Aim low so you will hit the non moving target.
    Good on you for ditching him.
    Your day sounds great.

  3. That is awesome. Isn't it great when you don't wake up to bickering children?? I love those days :)

    Great job on the exercise. Hope your knee feels better....and yes stay away from that "doctor".

  4. Yaay for a good day. At what a jackass doctor that was - good for hitting the eject button on him. I can sympathize with the knee discomfort - it's so aggravating when something like that gets in the way of our efforts. Hope Thursday is even better than Wednesday was!

  5. "I think it was the way she was very encouraging to me ...."

    Therese sounds like a peach. You're lucky to have her!