Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do I REALLY need/want a workout buddy?

I have often thought, in jealousy of others in my classes, that I need a workout buddy. Just think, I'd have someone to motivate me, sweat with me, complain with me... I only know a handful of people at our fitness center and none of them work out in the same classes with me consistently.

Today, I had a friend meet me to workout. We were going to play tennis, but could only get an early court time so she agreed to do BodyFlow with me. I was a little excited, even though this friend and I have unresolved issues about something that happened in November (visit my archives to hear more on this), because it is the first person I have exercised with at the fitness center. This friend and I used to do water aerobics together a lot before I moved to my current home, so it's not the first time I've ever worked out with someone, but I was still a little happy.

After though I was kind of meh about the whole thing. I mean, we couldn't really converse or anything during class and then it was over and then we showered and after chatting a bit went our separate ways. She really isn't an active exerciser, although she plays volleyball for fun in a league. I think though, that I might just be selfish about the whole workout thing, and I'm okay with that. I mean, workout time is MY time. Time away from the kids to work on ME, doing the things I want to do, having free mental space. Maybe adding a friend into it would change that. I'm always happy to run into people I know at the fitness center but perhaps its best if I just say hi and workout on my own.

Off to the movies with hubby! Babysitter just arrived!


  1. I love having a workout buddy, because I do a lot of cardio machines. I have another friend though who does not want to have someone in her space when she works out. It's her time to clear her head. I think it's just preference. You'll have to see which way YOU feel best.

    Have fun at the movies :)

  2. I use my classes as definite motivators to get me to the workout in the first place. Occasionally we have to pair up for things and I swear I am just not a people person. I LIKE teaching swimming strokes and such in the pool but I really do not care to do crunches with someone else right there counting. The classes are social because people are the same each week or mostly, but I don't need someone following me around the gym.

    Bike rides during the summer I think I would like someone to ride with.

  3. I took my husband with me on one of my workouts. He said I didn't talk much and so intense on running. I guess I would make a awful exercise buddy.

  4. Everyone is different. Some people won't exercise unless they have someone with them to talk to but if your doing and class and can't talk anyways then it doesn't really matter. I can walk outside with someone or walk on a treadmill next to someone and talk and that's fine but my main source of exercise is a DVD and I do NOT want anyone doing it with me..I don't even want someone to watch me do it..It's weird. Depends on how you feel though.

  5. I think it would be more hassle than help. Anytime you have to bring other people in, planning gets harder, you have to depend on others schedules, etc. However, I just do the classes, if I want to talk, I can talk to someone there. I even prefer hiking with just the dog, no people. Some of it is introversion, some convenience