Monday, January 4, 2010

Free to Be Me

4 days into 2010 and I've worked out each day (well I'll be working out later for today, but it WILL happen) Yay me.

I used to love a good challenge. I'm VERY competitive by nature and probably a few years ago if I was given a Perfect 10 challenge (the one many bloggers are doing) I would have jumped on it! I've changed though. I think I've realized that competitive stuff makes me psychotic. Seriously, if the scale won't move, I won't eat and inevitably screw up my metabolism. For those that have control of their competitive psyche - WAY TO GO! I'm not there. I cheer you on whole heartedly though.

I'm also changed where I am no longer a bandwagon person. I've turned into the rebel. I mentioned on a comment that when all my friends bought a Honda Odyssey, I specifically refused to look at them because I didn't want to be like everyone else. We own a Toyota Sienna. We live in a land of vast subdivisions and we tried living in one and HATED it, so now we live out in the country on an acre in a very unique home. Everyone started giving gift bags and gift cards, I bought presents and wrapped them in paper. I think this might have occurred in my early 20's when I lived with a very good friend for a year. We lived together, had gone to the same college, worked the same job, had the same friends, went to the same church. I think there was a moment that I didn't know where she ended and I began. I still don't think I know exactly who I am, but I know for sure I'm not living someone else's life. I think there is a balance between wanting to feel normal (which is really my ultimate goal here) and wanting to be like everyone else. I think it's knowing your own tastes and not swaying from them even if the majority doesn't go along with it. I'm still learning...I hope to always be learning.

I wrote a poem when I was a freshman in high school - 1988 called Free to Be Me. If I find the whole thing I'll post it, but what I remember from it, I think 22 years later it still is relevent to me:

I have my own thoughts, feelings and dreams
But everyone's trying to change me, it seems.
I'm not what you want, I will never be
For I am my own, and I choose to be me.


  1. I love your rugged individualism and rebel nature! Also - regarding the Perfect 10 thing, if you know it'll make you nuts, it's smart to JUST SAY NO. Knowing ourselves is an excellent tool for taking care of ourselves!

    I hope you find the poem...I'd love to read it.

  2. Jodie that was so deep like you. I love the poem and I believe that is me. All my friends laugh at me because I love to be different. I have never followed the crowd and I encourage others not to follow me. I love to challenge myself like taking courses in ballet, fencing, snorkeling, tap dancing and so many other things. My life is not boring for sure.

    Side bar: You should try Pilates and don't worry about your weight. We can do anything so try it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hey Jodie, I read your comment on Tricia's "One Year Ago.." post. You and I are in very similar situations with our health goals. I would like to cheer you on this year. Please consider following my blog too.

    Good Luck!

  4. Great job on your weight loss so far and on working out every day this year.