Friday, October 9, 2009

Lavish Lavash!

I made a new food discovery last night - Lavash. It's a flat bread - a 9x12 square. An alternative to a flour tortilla. Here's the info:

Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Flour Lavash

Serving size - 1/2 the lavash. ( I ate the whole one for lunch). compared to double fiber bread

Calories - 50 Calories - 90 per slice
Total Fat - 2 Total Fat - 1.5 grams
Cholesterol - 0 Cholesterol - 0
Sodium - 260 Sodium - 190mg
Total Carbs - 7 Total Carbs 20 grams
Dietary Fiber 3 Dietary Fiber - 6 grams
Sugars 0 Sugars - 3 grams
Protein - 5 grams Protein - 4grams

And the best part - It's BIG. It makes you feel like you are eating a HUGE sandwich. I read a book on volumetrics once, and its the idea that we often eat according to what we percieve is enough. Like if a huge salad is put in front of us, we might not eat it all because it looks too big, even if it's not really that caloric.'s tasty!!

I did weigh today and again with jeans and a long sleeve top it was 268.8. So I am recording an ACHIEVED for 270!!


  1. YESSSSSS! Terrific!

  2. Woot! Congratulations on being done with 270! That must feel fabulous.

    I think there's a lot of truth to the whole volumetrics theory.

  3. Out of the 70s and into the 60s! YOU ROCK!