Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm blah. This rainy weather is putting me "down in the dumpster" as my daughter would say. I need sun. My eating hasn't been great. I have not binged, but I did eat a piece of chocolate cheesecake today for dinner and had chocolate chip cookies for lunch (I was at a church conference and this was part of the meals they provided.)

I haven't exercised since Wednesday I think. It's been a few months since I've felt this unmotivated. I need some sun. Also, I think I have mental stress that might be causing it. You see, great friends of mine are coming to visit at the end of the month. They are also friends with another family that lives near me (we are all college friends). There is an inevitable "tug of war" with time and I hate it. You see, they come in on Halloween, but I don't do trick or treating with my girls, so they are going to the other friends for that. I told my friend here that I was planning to bring my kids to Chuck E Cheese for that night and she wasn't really fond of that idea. So I don't know if she is planning to bring our friends to my house or bring them to Chuck E. Cheese. Then the next day she invited us to a hay ride. I guess I really want to say, Look, you'll get them for the second half of the week. Please let us have the first few days to enjoy our friends. These type of incidents stress me out. It's happened before. *sigh* Group friendships are hard.

Anyway. I haven't been commenting much. I'm sure I'll get back to it.
Keep a little stronger and send some good vibes my way.


  1. I know you don't want to hear this, but try including some hard exercising today... I can promise you that you will feel so much better for it - especially if you work hard enough for the endorphins to kick in! If you do that, you may find some of your old motivation coming back.

    I'm practicing what I preach, too! ;o) On the days when I feel 'I can't be bothered', I force myself to do even more and it completely alters my mood and frame of mind. I'm sure it would work for you!

    Bye for now

    Patsy :o)

  2. Playing Tug-of-love is difficult, is it not? When my sister visits from Vegas, I get jealous of her time elsewhere.
    Stress has probably sucked the motivation from you. Give it a good swift kick and go take a nice long walk! That'll teach stress to mess with you! :)

  3. Hi Jodie,
    Glad you posted. Those people issues are really hard. I hope you get the time with them you want.

    The weather has been awful here too. Blah is a good word. I'm sending those good vibes your way. The walk suggested by Georgia Mist sounds like a good idea. Take care!