Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here Comes the Sun...

It's not up yet, but I see some clear sky...dare I hope? Could it be?

I'm doing much better these few days. Mentally, Emotionally, Food Wise,'s all back in place.

Last night was the first Bridge To Weight Loss class. I was somewhat annoyed when I found out we wouldn't meet with the nutritionist until week 3 because she was on vacation. I made a comment about how this was a little bit of poor planning on the Fitness centers part. The behavior therapist looked at me kind of funny, like she was offended. I just said, How is everyone supposed to know what and how much to eat for these 2 weeks if we don't know what our calorie range is supposed to be?(since we all get a individual assesment for that with the dietician) I have a feeling for many, these first two weeks won't see much progress and that's a shame. I know a LOT about nutrition being overweight my whole life and being on WW 5 times at least, so I'm not too worried, but I would like to know what calorie range I Should be eating in. My guess is that I undereat..but I just want to know for sure.

THe class had 15 people - all ages, all sizes. Some had a few pounds to lose, one man might have been bigger than the Biggest Loser contestants. It should be interesting with this mix of people.
Tonight we have the first meeting with the fitness trainer. Our job when we get there - Walk 2 laps forwards and then walk 1 lap backwards (to work the hamstrings I think)

Here are my tidbits from last nights class:
**Past weight loss attempts are not failures. We were successful while we were doing the plan. They are just past attempts

**Relapses are part of the journey. Most people have a few relapses before behavior changes stick

**What we think leads to what we feel which leads to our actions (overeating/binging) Look to what you were thinking before the emotions to find the trigger.

**Surround yourself with people that validate your emotions, listen to you and provide compassion while making these changes (that's why blogging is so great)

They took waist measurements (it was kind of funny because the behavior therapist seemed uncomfortable doing it) and a starting weight. Next week we talk about emotional eating. - I'm an EXPERT on this! ;)

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