Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Size Does Matter...

Bet I caught your attention with that title... but what I'm talking about is Volumetrics. The basic idea of Volumetrics is that we feel full when we eat more food (not more calories) so we need to eat more of better foods. Simple really. Who can argue that? But I'd like to also add that presentation/perception plays a role in our "fullness". Part of the strategy of using a smaller plate is so we eat less but I think also because the food fills the plate it makes us think we are eating MORE! I was thinking about this today as I ate lunch. I had turkey breast on a pita. Now usually I just rip the top of the pita off and stuff everything down deep. But today I decided to rip the pita in half and make 2 pockets. Same amount of food presented in a different way, but it made me feel like I was eating 2 sandwiches. You can do this a lot of different ways. slice and chunk apples, cut a banana in just always seems like more, when it is not.

Yesterday I found 3 VHS tapes of Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pound Videos". I'm still faithful to the fitness center, but it's nice on those snowy days to have something I can do indoors. Since I invested in some free weights last year, I'm also to get some weights in while I do it. Best part all 3 together only cost $1.00. I love VHS these days. Thrift stores have them super cheap and we have 2 working VCR's in our house. I actually prefer them to DVD's which scratch so easily.

And the last thought of the day: I'm an international sensation!! Actually you probably are too if you have a blog. If you click on the Stats page (thanks Chris for pointing this out) it will tell you where people are clicking from. My stats:

United States - 1,362
United Kingdom - 106
South Korea -94
Canada - 89
Netherlands - 37
Japan - 28
Germany - 27
Brazil - 24
Russia - 22
Belgium - 15

This just fascinates me (I love statistics!) Well welcome all you international readers! Have an awesome day!!

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  1. You're spot on with this. I'm calorie counting and it's amazing how hard it is to rack up the calories when you eat the right thing. I try to get at least 1,200 a day. On a day when I'm eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins I barely make 1,000 and I'm eating ALL day.