Monday, January 3, 2011

Full Steam Ahead

There's an episode of the Gilmore Girls when Rory goes golfing with her grandfather at an upscale country club, and when telling the tale to her mother she says "I took a steam" as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I think taking a steam should be a natural part of everyone's life!

Here's a link to Livestrong's website that describes the benefits of a steam room

Our steam room pumps in a minty smell, which helps in the relaxation. I'm wondering why, with this luxury (that I've been continuously paying for, mind you) I have not actually gone more often these past 6 months.

I took an Aqua Pump Class today. It was a pretty good workout, and I didn't have to fight for a spot in the class. Thankfully our fitness center didn't run a $0 enrollment fee for the new year like last year, which made it CRAZY! I'm still sore from the other day, but I don't want to start skipping workouts already!

Workout days for 2011: 2/3

Full Steam Ahead!


  1. Good job getting the exercise in 2 outta 3. I just got a 45 minute walk in, which puts me at the same 2/3 for 2011. I like the idea of tracking it!

  2. Steam rooms aren't only relaxing. They're great for increasing your circulation as well as helping to ease respiratory ailments. Especially when you have to pay a monthly fee, you should go as often as possible!

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