Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scale Deprivation vs. Scale Obsession

I'm really not sure which is worse: scale deprivation or scale obsession.

Scale Deprivation: I'm nervous, I should be losing but I'm not sure. What if I'm not? What if I weigh myself Saturday and I gain...I have no way of knowing what to prepare myself for...

Scale Obsession: I know I weigh different amounts during the day depending how much liquid and food I intake. But that doesn't stop me from weighing myself 3-4 times. It's crazy.

Either way I'm on edge and I don't like it one bit!! AAAGH!!


  1. Oh I you, Jodie. I was feeling that last week and it drove me crazy. But I did stay off the scale, continued following my program and got a good result.

    Now I know full well I can follow my program and not get a good result, and what that does to my resolve and attitude is really hard to contend with also.

    I guess it's best to make friends with the angst of it all and keep doing the right things. Now if only I could do that too!

  2. For me? Definitely scale deprivation. It's the only thing that keeps me on track. I know I've been bad when I avoid the scale like the plague... but honestly it's the only thing that keeps me accountable. I'd err on too many visits minus too few. BUT I would say, don't get obsessed with the number. Good to know, but don't place too much stock in it.