Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots of Snow and Snow Peas

It has snowed quite a bit here lately. I don't hate snow as much as I used to, probably because here in Illinois the snow is generally a light fluffy snow that does not require body building to lift it! Also, now that I have kids, I love to see them enjoy sledding and throwing snowballs at each other. Friday I'm going to exercise by Snow Shoeing! Anyone ever done it? A friend of mine suggested going and my husband has snow shoes so I said sure! I might enjoy this more than my spin class! :)

I love snow peas. I just ate many of them.... This from wisegeek.com "The origin of the term “snow pea” is uncertain. It may refer to the fact that they can grow in late winter or possibly to the frost-like tint of the pods. In French, snow peas are called “mange tout,” which means “eat all,” since both the peas and the pods are edible."

See..this is why I love the French...they name a vegetable "EAT ALL!" Well, I ate them all!

I've been fairly okay on the eating the last couple of days. We celebrated my dear dear friends birthday on Sunday. I made a chicken stirfry (Healthy) and a frosted cake (not so healthy). This is kind of gross, but fatty foods get the bowels moving. I often time have difficulties remember to keep enough fat in my diet when I'm eating healthy. I eat alot of great things and a sufficient amount, but it's lots of fruits and vegetables. I think my body was happy to have a little more fat!


  1. You make a VERY good and true point. This is something that the body eventually accustoms to, but it can take awhile. Do you eat the snow peas raw or cooked? I love them but don't really see them that much in the regular grocery store. I may have to check them out again as I'm always looking for a healthy snack.

  2. I've always considered snow peas as something special ... maybe because they're frequently served in swanky restaurants. They do make a plate look lovely. Just walking through the snow is a workout. Enjoy snow shoeing!

  3. I eat them both raw and cooked, but like most vegetables I prefer them raw! I used to think of them like something special as well, (and they are about $4lb..but for a lb you can get quite a lot of them. It was interesting to me that I would pay $4 for a bag of oreos but not $4 for a lb of snow peas for the longest time! I might blog about that today!

  4. Was just reading an article in "Delicious" magazine about this last night. Fat is needed in small amounts to help dissolve other nutrients our bodies need as well. Just gotta more of the 'right' fats than the 'less-healthy' ones...oh, and a little bit of something naughty now and then is okay, so long as the basic intake is normally less indulgent in that area (that's the bit I have difficulty with!)

    Snow peas are nice. Have you tried sugar snap peas? Kind of the same thing but not so flat.

  5. Look forward to hearing how you get on with snow shoeing. I have no idea what it is! :o)