Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 Pretty Perfect Days

Can it already be January 12th? I have successfully eaten well and exercised for a whole 12 days! I know, there's a small part that says "Big Whoop!" in me because it is ONLY 12 days but the part of me that is used to messing up so often in weight loss efforts is doing a happy dance because I have NOT messed up for 12 days. I have not binged (I do not call eating a lot of snow peas binging per se). I have not eaten more than I needed to. I have rewarded myself with treats every now and I again. I have exercised 9/12 days (including 3 rounds of shoveling my very long driveway yesterday). I have drank water. And I have felt GREAT these last two weeks. :) Happy Me!


  1. 12 days is incredible. I have 3 and I'm thrilled, so 12 sounds like eons to me. I've been so off my rocker (and off the beam) that I was thrilled to get one day. I'm not kidding. You're doing great, and I'm loving having you back at the top of the blogroll so often!

  2. 12 days is terrific. If you take each one at a time, before you know it you'll be counting off the end of January, February, March, etc...! Keep up the good work! Lovely to see you back. :o)