Monday, September 7, 2009

I Can't Get No Satisfaction...

I really want to binge right now. It's a good thing I am not stocking sweets in my house right now. They'd be gone in about 30 seconds. It might be PMS...I never know...or it might be that my generally good hubby has been challegingly difficult today, or that I'm tired...who knows. I just feel the urge.

We had a wonderful vacation weekend to Springfield Illinois this weekend. We took in a lot of Abraham Lincoln sites and saw a Frank Lloyd Wright home. It was beautiful, timeless and amazing. How anyone could have hated what he did is amazing to me.

I ate fairly well. I did not get as much water as I have been drinking. I think I am retaining though because a bunch of what I ate was salty. I did have pizza one night, but salmon with rice pilaf the next. I ate half a sandwich and soup for lunch one day and then no lunch the next because we had a buffet breakfast. Now I might have gone a little bit crazy on the buffet, but when you are paying $13 you want to get your money's worth!! It wasn't so bad. I had fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, a couple of pieces of bacon, a couple pieces of sausage, one french toast stick, a banana, a slice of ham, a slice of thin salmon. Deciding I needed more carbs because it was mostly protein (except the fruit) I made a waffle. I love waffle maker waffles. We have a waffle maker at home I love them that much! I did eat it without syrup. Then I didn't have lunch, so I figured the calories worked themselves out.

For dinner we stopped and got 6 inch subs from Subway. I think this is the first time I opted for a 6 inch over the footlong - and I was satisfied. It was a good feeling. I did eat some candy bars (2) yesterday. I knew I was craving and decided it was better just to eat them ( not binging) than to just keep wanting them and wanting them until i bought a 6 pack at Walmart and ate them all at one sitting.

Today I was back at the fitness center. I did 60 minutes on the elliptical and then did some weights with the bands, and also some crunches. I didn't really feel like going but again, its something that if I didn't do, I might find excuses every day NOT to go. I can't say I feel remarkeably better now, but I am glad I went. I'm a big ball of angst right now. Trying to stay good....


  1. Hang in there...take a long, leisurely a book, do something nice for you and you will work through those feelings in now time. I read other blogs of people that have done it and soon I feel the power to make it past the urge to binge.

  2. I know how you feel--I'm feeling that way too at the moment. Hang in there--you'll get past it. You are doing great! Great job getting right back into the fitness routine. That is so awesome!

  3. I can relate to feeling like binging. I've been fighting (and sadly losing) that urge a lot over the holiday weekend. So far today, now that I'm back to work, I feel back in my routine, and glad to be there. It's really hard when you're on vacation or just if our usual routine is interrupted.

    I gave in several times, at least once each day, to eating stuff I wouldn't if I was staying on my program. And when I did, I was aware of not really being hungry, but rather just wanting to eat something "bad". AArrgghh - I do know my binges were nothing like I've had in the past, but my cravings have been strong enough to let me know that it wouldn't take much for me to lose control and just go on a no holds barred feeding frenzy. Sounds like you did the best you could, and are moving on with "your plan". Good work!

  4. Sounds like you are doing great! I don't think I could go past 45 mins on the elliptical! I always get binge urges over holiday weekends. We're luckily holiday free for a little while although I saw them putting out the Halloween stuff in Target today! Have a GREAT week!

  5. Wow, 60 minutes plus weights and crunches!! Awesome!!