Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cranky, Crabby & Cross

I'm not feeling any better than yesterday. I have been wearing my workout clothes since I woke up, yet have not made it to the fitness center. I am planning to take a cycle class at 4:00 though. I'm so unmotivated. It is a day that I just want to lay down and not talk to anyone. The weather is fine, I haven't splurged, I'm not craving anything...I'm just...bummed.

Most times I know why I get cranky, but today I do not. I'm slightly annoyed that TOM isn't here. I really thought if I spent a month exercising and eating well than I might regulate, but nope. But I don't think that's why. Maybe it is about the annoyance I feel towards the conservative population (of which I am generally a part of it) for being up in arms that our President wants to give a pep talk to kids. This really does annoy me. No president is without critics for sure, but I don't believe in censorship of any kind. I believe that parents have the right to not allow their children to watch it, but that it should be done quietly. We don't celebrate Halloween at our house, but I don't go around to everyone and tell them they are wrong for doing it. It's just something we choose not to do. Generations are becoming increasingly disengaged to government so I thought just on that merit alone it was worthwhile. It just irks me to the core that Obama is compared to Mao and other communist/socialist leaders and that he is trying to indoctrinate people into some perverse agenda. I don't believe in all his politics, but that's just absurd. It's my job to teach my children to question all until they have made up their own minds on the matter, NOT to believe my way OR Obama's way. My K and I disagree...his sister was planning to keep her kids home from school that day and this sparked a debate among us. I think I'm just annoyed about it. Now I will step off the box...

On a completely different note. I think I drink at least 6 lbs worth of water each day. How do I expect to lose! A lot of it comes out, but still...


  1. Working out will definitely make you feel better. You can take any hidden frustration out physically and then leave them at the gym.

    People have opinions that are somewhat different than our own, but it doesn't mean we have to let them or a debate bother us.

    Come on kiddo...you can do this...as far as the water is concerned...keep on drinking it, I notice a major difference when I don't.

    You have to want to fight.

  2. I did go and cycle...I feel MUCH better. :) 289 calories burned. Thank you SO much for th encouragement! Zumba tomorrow! I can't wait!