Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's been a glorious day today. I am 35 years old now. Scary..the gray hair shows it, but I'll keep on dying it! I went to bible study this morning and apple picking with the family this afternoon. I've gotten many well wishes on Facebook and by telephone. My hubby has been wonderful, taking the day off of work to be with me.

I've been doing fairly well these last few days. The scale has been going down a little too. I haven't been to the gym because of the crazy schedule of birthday week, but I might go tonight with hubby! I feel very good, emotionally strong.

Here's to the next year of being healthy and normal. :)


  1. Happy birthday! Mine's tomorrow and this weekend is just going to be nuts! :) I know about that gray hair, and I don't dye. I'm just getting very "blonde." :D Have a great birthday and take care of yourself.

  2. Happy Birthday. At 56, dying my hair is an absolute necessity unless I want to look 10 years older. But I get sick of having to do it every 4 weeks!

    Glad to hear you're in a good place. I like to make my birthday a week long media event! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!!!