Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Overweight Life

Hopefully someone is still reading after my break.

I started this blog to help me be motivated, a way to verbally spew all that was going on in my head about weight loss and diet and exercise. I am not without thoughts this month of course, but I haven't had my blog therapy very much at all. Maybe sometimes I get too comfortable in my routine or bored with it. Maybe I question the purpose of throwing all this stuff "out there". I've had a bad month. You know it's bad when your 4 year old has asked two days in a row to go to the fitness center!

I'm not sure what triggered this current bad eating cycle or indifference to exercising. It might be the weather. Lots of snow, lots of clouds. Yesterday was the first day I felt kind of 'happy' as the sun shined throughout the house. I looked at a weather map and saw that there might have been 5 almost sunny days this month Last month wasn't much better. I tend to get blahs in the winter, and up until now have managed to keep that at bay.

There's been some good things going on. Last Friday I went to the Oprah show! It was very exciting. Shaun White was there with his gold medal, a bunch of people via satellite (Matt Lauer, Evan Lysacek, Lindsey Vann, one of the Haitian missionaries that got arrested) and Lee Daniels, the director of the movie Precious AND Lady Antebellum, the country music group. We took home a pair of the official Vancouver Olympics mittens and a Lady Antebellum CD.

Also, I've applied for a part time position at our local library. The 1st interview went well and I know all the children's librarians since we are there so much. The 2nd interview is on Tuesday and I have to create (at least in theory) a children's program for 4th and 5th graders. I'm kind of an overachiever when it comes to stuff like this, so I'm basically driving myself crazy. This is the first time in forever that I've had to go up against other people for a job. Seriously almost 90% of my jobs were gotten through temp agencies or because I showed up. It's hard to think that I might not be "chosen". Then I have been checking out child care options in case I get the job. I've been home for 3 years now full time with my girls and before that I was finishing up my degree, so the girls were part time in care. So there's a little anxiety with that. We are taking this opportunity because our other house hasn't yet sold and we've held 2 mortgages for a year, and while we are doing it, it's a little bit stressful to watch our finances deplete. Also, I need something for when the kids start kindergarten in the fall. This is showing up a little early but thought I should at least try for the opportunity.

Then for Valentine's Day I died my hair blond for my hubby (as you might be able to tell from the Oprah picture. It's not exactly what I want it to look like, but the hair stylist said I had to do this first in order to even it out before I tried to go any more blond. Here's a honeymoon picture when I was REALLY blond.

So that's the two weeks in a nut shell.

Stay tuned....


  1. Hi I just found your blog and it is rad. I love that your are a cart snoop. I do that too... mostly because they might have something that I forgot to buy. :-) Blondes to have more fun, and I think it compliments your coloring. I started around the same weight that you did and we are about at the same weight now. I hope we can cheer one another on in this fat blast journey.


  2. I've posted on my blog and commented on a lot of blogs recently that it seems as though many of us are in a major funk and I'm sure it's to do with the winter months... Happily, March is only a day or two away and Spring is always a terrific time for renewed vigour and a fresh start! :o)

  3. Hi Jodie - I missed you! Glad you're back.

    I saw that whole Oprah show!! It was great, and Shaun White seemed like a good guy. And didn't you audience members get a hat or something? Very cool to have been there. That's one of my dreams, and it will likely be increasingly difficult to get tickets since she's in her last year.

    I chuckled at you saying your daughter asked to go to the fitness center 2 days in a row! I tell you, the sort of funk you're speaking of is what I've been experiencing, and I know the weather has a lot to do with it. I've been lying here this morning visualizing my favorite park where I walk but haven't been able to this winter due to knees and snow. A lot of bloggers seem to be funky, and my diagnosis is winteritis.

    Good for you looking into the job at the Children's library - I hope you get it!! If you're meant to have it, all the details like childcare will fall into place. I volunteered at the local library 4 hours a week for several years and loved it. Getting paid would really rock!

    Everytime you post a picture I saw are adorable and have a fantastic smile. Glad you're back to bloggin'!

  4. Glad your back. You've been missed. How awesome you went to the Oprah show and got to see Shaun White.

    Good luck with the job at the library. My son and I are at the library here constantly, we love reading.

  5. Hi Jodie,

    New fan here for the give and take of support in this battle we call "weight loss".

    The Oprah Show! Wow!

    Good luck with getting the job! Sounds like something you'd really enjoy.

  6. wow, what fun with oprah...
    Well, hope you get back on track soon with the whole weight loss thing...also hope you get the job!

  7. Hi Jodie,

    I had to redo my blog and wanted to make sure I let as many of my bloggin' buds know as I could remember...

    I have a lot of posts to catch up on....

  8. How'd the interview go? I hope well!