Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Body is an Amazing Thing

I picked up an anatomy book at the library today to try to familiarize myself a little bit more with all the parts and how they go together. The body is one crazy amazing thing, I tell you!! As I was looking at the pages about the abdomen with all it's muscles and nerves and all I said to my husband "How the heck do doctors know and remember all these things?" He says its from the years of training, however, I have my own theory. 9 out of 10 times when I go to the doctor with some type of pain in my stomach/chest/arm etc. They tell me it is stress related. Hmm..perhaps they don't know all these different parts of the body to correctly diagnose it. Perhaps I had pulled the Serratus anterior muscle or the Latissimus dorsi muscle. HA! Next time I'm going to ask! LOL.

It is mind boggling to look at an anatomy book and how our bodies are made up of so many intricate and complex things. This is why I believe in God the Creator. I cannot be convinced that such a perfect system with so many different parts was just pure happenstance. I only wish he had made it so it couldn't expand so much. :)

Tomorrow I should be going to Body Pump. I've slacked off in the weights department, so I'm making an effort to pump 2x a week at least. Hopefully 3.


  1. You are really rocking the workouts's good to seee.
    keep up all your good work.

  2. That's funny. I would definitely remember some of the parts and then start asking questions about it next time I go to the doctors. That's funny. I'm reading a book right now that is explaining all about hormones, interesting things that I did not know. I love learning new things.

  3. we learn some anatomy in my community college weight training class, what the muscle groups are, how to work them in various ways and what they connect to and their opposing muscle groups, it's great stuff!

  4. Hi, new girl stopping in! I think it is great that you picked up an anatomy and physiology book. I am a massage therapist and it took three semesters to cover the A & P text book that was used at my school-3 months on the muscular system alone. It's definitely not light reading is it? LOL!

  5. In vet school we did a year of anatomy and then forgot everything that we didn't need to know routinely. I can always look it up if I need to know the name of an exact muscle. LOL