Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh Canada...

Blogging from Niagara falls. Vacation is hard to eat completely well since we are at hotels every day. I haven't been doing terribly, but I feel like my salt intake because of eating out has quadrupled. I'm choosing mostly turkey and chicken dishes.

Niagara is a strange place. I imagine it's like Vegas without a lot of casinos. There is as much neon as Times Square in NY it seems!

We've had a good trip so far. It has had it's stresses: First, an hour into our trip (ultimate destination: Plymouth, Massachusetts) darling S threw up all over herself and her carseat. She's had a fever the last day or so, but only threw up that once. Other than that she is her usual self.

The only other bad thing is that yesterday we messed up the time change. We were in Grand Rapids, MI and it is an hour a head than Chicago time. So we had less time at a place because of it.

We went to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum and the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens, both in Grand Rapids. K & I like to visit presidential museums. We've been to 5 total in the last few years and have 3 more to go on this trip. The Sculpture Gardens were lovely and interesting and they even let us stay 30 minutes after closing because we messed up the time change!

Today we drove to Niagara Falls. We went on the big Ferris Wheel to see the falls lit up from above, then we walked down to the American Falls. All the christmas lights are up on the trees here so it was pretty. Cold, but pretty!

I have learned on this trip the superiority of the equipment at my fitness center. I tried working out last night in the hotel fitness center, but their equipment was so substandard. The tread mill had little traction and felt slippery to my feet and moved to much when I started walking fast, the elliptical made a horrible sound every time I cycled and the stationary bike took a lot of time to change resistance during the workout. I did work out for about 35 minutes or so, but it was annoying. Who knew I would become such a workout equipment snob!!

We have another day in Niagara, then we head to Plymouth, MA for a few days, then Pennsylvania and back to Illinois next Sunday. Stay tuned...


  1. Niagara falls is just beautiful...I grew up in Michigan...
    lol, you went to the gerald ford museum.
    That's were about 60 miles from where I grew up. Was it mom says it's been cold there.
    Yeah, i don't think hotels spring for high end equipment. When I go on a road trip next year I intend to bring tapes for the hotel. Good on you for getting in there and getting the workout in. If you can, go out at night to look at the's beautiful.

  2. OH CANADA!! Hehe, I've never been! Have fun on your vacation!! :)

  3. We were going to do Niagara Falls this past summer but it didn't work out:( Maybe next year. Enjoy! I wanted to let you know I have moved my blog :nobrowniesforlunch"(was having too many technical difficulties)'s now witheringwaist.

    Enjoy Niagara and post pictures!

  4. Hi Jodie,

    I didn't realize your family was doing vacation. There was a big article in the Philly Sunday paper about Plymouth, Mass as a destination. Sounds like good family fare. Enjoy it all! Will you be with family for the holiday? Get some good pictures to post! Oh, did you do The Maid of the Mist? Great fun, taking the boat that goes right up to the frothy falls.